Webinar – TCP Deep Dive

Till now we have learnt tits and bits of TCP via TCP Talk Series by Sabyasachi Kar. Now lets listen to him as well online where he will explain the concepts of TCP. Hereby, conducting a free Webinar on TCP @6PM on 9th Febuary, 2018 To attend, register […]

IPSec (Internet Protocol Security)

IPSEC is an extension of IP which provides security to IP and the upper layer protocol. Its first developed for IPv6 standards and thenbackported to IPv4. IPSEC uses two different types of protocol to ensure confidentiality and authentication and integrity.AHESP Its can protect entire IP datagram or upper […]

Tool Command Language (TCL)- Part I

In today’s post, we are going to discuss about basics of TCL scripting. Tool command language (Tcl) is a powerful scripting language with programming features. It is available across Unix, Windows and Mac OS platforms. Tcl is used for Web and desktop applications, networking, administration, testing, rapid prototyping, […]


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