Webinar – TCP Deep Dive

Till now we have learnt tits and bits of TCP via TCP Talk Series by Sabyasachi Kar. Now lets listen to him as well online where he will explain the concepts of TCP. Hereby, conducting a free Webinar on TCP @6PM on 9th Febuary, 2018 To attend, register […]


  VPLS EVPN MAC Learning Traditional Ethernet based data plane flood-and-learn mechanism (Flooding of broadcast, unknow unicast and Multicast traffic) to disseminate MAC-Address information contained within customer sites between PE routers within a MPLS domain. EVPN uses an MP-BGP based control plane to disseminate mac-address information contained within […]

Segment Routing

Introduction : The primary objective for Segment routing is Source routing : The Ability of the node to specify a unicast forwarding path, other than the normal shortest path that a particular packet will traverse. Source Routing means an edge node, it can be a server, a top […]

Dynamic MC-IPSec on SeGW

Dynamic IPSec on SeGW and static IPSec at remote device (Cisco and Nokia) Configure ISA configure     system         name “SeGW-01”         chassis-mode d     exit     isa         tunnel-group 1 isa-scale-mode tunnel-limit-2k create             ipsec-responder-only             multi-active             mda 1/2             no shutdown         exit     exit […]


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