Month: November 2017

TCP Talk Series- V

Today we are going to cover below topics: TCP Troubleshooting and various cases Traceroute Troubleshooting Salient features of TCP Congestion avoidance TROUBLESHOOTING TCP ISSUES : Check the Connection at the remote side Getting TCP RESET. Then we need to check the TTL of the IP packet. By this […]

TCP Talk Series -IV

Today we are going to discuss below topics: TCP Congestion Mechanism TCP Half Close TCP Half Open Simultaneous Open and Close Telnet flow TCP CONGESTION MECHANISM : TCP (THE TRANSPORT LAYER) is unaware of of the network structure. TCP believes that two nodes are directly connected. HOST TO […]

TCP Talk Series – III

In our last post  TCP Talk Series- II , we studies about the Transmission Control Blocks, TCP Finite State Machine (FSM) and Nagles Algorithm. Today, we are going to cover below topics: Retransmissions Selective Acknowledgement Sliding Window Why only after 3-duplicate ACK retransmission takes place in TCP? Since TCP […]

TCP Talk Series- II

In TCP Talk Series – I, we saw the various TCP flags and TCP options. Today, we are going to learn below topics: TCB Active Open Passive Open Finite State Machine Three Way Handshake Nagles Algorith TCB : Transmission Control Block Block of memory space allocated by CPU […]