Month: December 2017

Configuring VxLAN in EVE-NG

Today we are going to configure VxLAN both Flood & Learn and EVPN modes. I am using NexusOS 9Kv in EVE-NG for labbing it up. For detailed understanding of VxLAN and BGP EVPN, please follow this blog: VXLAN And EVPN This post will completely focus on configuration and packet […]

Webinar – TCP Deep Dive

Till now we have learnt tits and bits of TCP via TCP Talk Series by Sabyasachi Kar. Now lets listen to him as well online where he will explain the concepts of TCP. Hereby, conducting a free Webinar on TCP @6PM on 9th Febuary, 2018 To attend, register […]


ISIS OSPF LSA/TLV TLV shares common Headers Different LSA for different routes. PPP Different control protocol negotiate IPCP negotiate between the peers. ICPC being negotiate for the IP traffic and OSICP being negotiate for the ISIS traffic. Interface Type P2P, Broadcast, Unnumbered Broadcast P2P, Broadcast, P2MP, NBMA Datastructure […]

Automation Overview Junos – Part-1

Automation Overview Junos: Junos automation suite -> used to automate operational and configuration tasks on network devices running the Junos operating system (Junos OS) Consists of ::-> commit scripts, operation (op) scripts, event policies/scripts, and macros. Junos automation simplifies complex configurations and reduces potential configuration errors -> It […]