MAC Learning Traditional Ethernet based data plane flood-and-learn mechanism (Flooding of broadcast, unknow unicast and Multicast traffic) to disseminate MAC-Address information contained within customer sites between PE routers within a MPLS domain. EVPN uses an MP-BGP based control plane to disseminate mac-address information contained within customer sites between he PE. Also it learns MAC address in data plane in the local AC. But it relies on control plane MAC learning. This reduce the unicast flooding and implement a flush mechanism in BGP.
Scalability VPLS requires full mesh of PW between the PE to emulate a traditional ethernet-like shared segment and consequently encounters scalability and manageability issues as the number of PE grows. EVPN consider less manageability and almost no scalability issues compared to VPLS due to use of MP-BGP to established peerings between PE to exchange MAC addresses reachability information.
Signalling Protocol LDP and BGP BGP
CE Multihoming VPLS only implements single active solution. EVPN implements two CE multihoming solutions ; Single-active (One active and N Standby) and all active (with known unicast per flow load balancing )
L2 & L3 Forwarding Only layer 2 forwarding. EVPN end points includes MAC and IP addresses, enabling proxy arp function on EVPN PE routers thus further reducing the flooding across the EVPN backbone.
Support of IP host and external prefixes.   EVPN can transport IP addresses of attached endpoints or external IP prefixes with in the same address family resulting in an universal L2+ L3 control plane.
Edge Multihoming (STP/ESI) Implementing VPLS multihoming, STP BPDU should pass across the PW which is complex. EVPN has built-in support for edge multihoming based ESI (Ethernet Segment Identifier)
  VPLS enable customer to create a logical LAN structure between geographically separated location. It basically create creates virtualized data switch at the service provider, which links multiple remote sites together as if they connected to a same physical switch. EVPN provides virtual multipoint bridge connectivity between different layer 2 domains over IP/MPLS backbone network.

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