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Sabyasachi Kar

Saby has more than 9 years of Experience in Networking field. His level of commitment and passion towards technology has developed him as an Expert in his field. He has written various blogs and is also a Cisco Live Speaker for NG Multicast.

OSPF Packet Level Understanding

OSPF Packet level reading The concept of a consistent database is a core requirement for link-state protocols and allows the protocols to ensure a loop-free topology. Since no loops exist, each router then makes consistent forwarding decisions for user data packets. Ensuring the proper advertisement of link-state updates […]


ISIS OSPF LSA/TLV TLV shares common Headers Different LSA for different routes. PPP Different control protocol negotiate IPCP negotiate between the peers. ICPC being negotiate for the IP traffic and OSICP being negotiate for the ISIS traffic. Interface Type P2P, Broadcast, Unnumbered Broadcast P2P, Broadcast, P2MP, NBMA Datastructure […]