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Yogita Bansal

Yogita Bansal is a Engineer with 6 years of overall experience in Telecom and Networking. She is very enthusiastic when it comes to learning anything new as well as challenging. The networking field is not just her job but is more of a hobby.

VPRN Internet Access on Nokia VSR

Today, we will discuss how to provide Internet Access to customers on Nokia routers. Internet access to VPRN customers can be provided by various solutions depending on the topology: When internet routes are in GRT: CE uses a separate interface terminating in PE’s Global Routing Table (GRT) CE […]

Hub and Spoke VPRN on Nokia VSR

Today, we are going to discuss Hub and Spoke Topology in a Provider Network. A typical example of Hub and Spoke is Headquarters and Branch offices where each Branch office communicates only with Headquarters. In case Branch-to-Branch communication is required, it is done via Headquarters only. HQ basically […]