VPRN Internet Access on Nokia VSR

Today, we will discuss how to provide Internet Access to customers on Nokia routers. Internet access to VPRN customers can be provided by various solutions depending on the topology: When internet routes are in GRT: CE uses a separate interface terminating in PE’s Global Routing Table (GRT) CE […]

Nokia Basic VPLS

In this post, we are going to see the basics of VPLS on Nokia VSR. MAC Learning Step 1 : Host A sends a frame with MAC address of macA and destination address of macB  Step 2 : The switch receives the frame on port 1/1/1 and places […]


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Thats a gem, thank you Jeff. Actually I see that apart from Stevens’ book we lack of good resources about the role of TCP in networking.

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Too good articles !! Very well written and structured. Keep the good work coming. Cheers:)