Path MTU Discovery (PMTUD)

Whenever a host sends a packet, it is always recommended that the packet reaches unfragmented at the destination. However, the size of the datagram depends on the MTU of the each hop along the path. The minimum MTU along the path is the path MTU and is the […]

IPv4 – Basics of Networking – Part II

Internet Protocol: IP is a Network layer (Layer 3) protocol  that contains addressing information and some control information that enables packets to be routed. IP is documented in RFC 791 and is the primary network layer protocol in the Internet protocol suite. IP header format: Version:  4 bits: […]

Basics of Networking – Part I

Network is a group or system of interconnected people or things, who exchange data, resources or communicate to each other using a data link. Nowadays, we all use social media to connect to our distant friends or relatives. This process of connecting and communicating across World Wide using […]

Welcome to Network Walk

Hello and Welcome to Network Walk – the journey from bits to bytes. As this is our first post, we want to introduce ourselves and why we have started this blog. We are Network Professionals like you only who work in Organizations handling their Networks day and night. In this […]


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Roman Dodin

Thats a gem, thank you Jeff. Actually I see that apart from Stevens’ book we lack of good resources about the role of TCP in networking.

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Good job Sabyasachi Kar for the nice blog

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